Giving hand bouquet is the simplest form and effective way to convey your message and to brighten up the day of your loved ones. Think about this; wouldn't the recipient be thrilled and surprised to receive a bouquet of roses say, in the middle of a boring day at work?

Rose Bouquets

Rose Hand Bouquets

  • Do not unwrap these bouquets as they have been nicely wrapped and there is water within.
  • To change water, simply overturn the bouquet to drain off water, and refill fresh water from in-between flowers.
  • Place flowers in cool environment, preferably 9 to 11C.
  • Ideally for

    • Anniversary

    • Miss-you

    • Birthday

    • Expressing love

    • Apologies


from S$69


from S$69


from S$35




from S$86


from S$82


from S$69



from S$79


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